8 janv. 2015

Knitted Installation by Madame Tricot:

A visit to New York

Madame Tricot is visiting New York. She stays in a nice little flat with a fridge full of food. She also brings food from Switzerland and France, inspired by the decorative food by Jules Gouffé.
„Hommage à Jules Gouffé“ (1807-1877)

Jules Gouffé was a renowned French chef and pâtissier. He was nicknamed: "l'apôtre de la cuisine decorative" (Decorative cooking's apostle). He had a deep impact on the evolution of French gastronomy by gathering an immense knowledge that he wrote down in his "Le Livre de Cuisine" (The Royal Cookery Book) and his "Le Livre de Pâtisserie" (The Royal Book of 
Pastry and Confectionery).

Saumon à la Chambord, recette de Jules Gouffé

Jules Gouffé réinterprété par un chef***

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