28 mars 2013

Handarbeit und Hobby Messe in Köln 2013

I was at The international Handicraft & Hobby Fair in Cologne. My knitted butchery was also there at the stand of Lanartus, a swiss yarn wholesaler.
I saw also a lot of interesting things, like the world champion of knitting: Miriam Tegels and the wunderfull Koigu Wool stand from Canada

I am betwen the daughter and the granddaughter
of the company foundress Maie Landra, author from:

Knits from a Painter's Palette: Modular Masterpieces in Handpainted Yarns

Ich habe auch die Strickweltmeisterin Speedknitter
118 Stiche pro minute) gesehen.
Technik und Geschwindichkeit sind beeindrückend


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